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What is a Trademark?

A trademark is your commercial identity.…it identifies what you have to offer to the marketplace and differentiates your version of your product or service from those of others.

Trademarks are the name, brand, logo, symbol, or slogan that sets your goods and services apart from your competition.

Trademark Services Provided

It takes experienced trademark attorneys to help you recognize, protect and maintain these valuable assets for the life of your enterprise.  Whether you have a large, international portfolio, are literally just starting your business on your kitchen table or in your garage, or are somewhere in between, the Nolte IP Law Group trademark practice is dedicated to providing quality trademark services to ALL of its clients.

Our services are based on decades of experience with clients on all aspects of the trademark spectrum and geared to providing you with the most cost-effective and efficient approach to protecting and maintaining your trademark rights.  As trusted advisors, we look forward to and enjoy taking the time to understand your business now, and your vision for the future, so that we can give you the best advice and plan regarding protecting and growing the value of your intellectual property.  Our approach to trademarks is practical and rooted in realistic solutions to help you navigate potential traps and provide you with the ability to participate in the decision making process with clarity and understanding.

Trademark selection and clearance

Trademark application filings

Trademark prosecution, including Madrid Protocol matters

Trademark maintenance and renewals

Trademark monitoring, docketing and enforcement

US Customs registrations

IP audits

Title and Security interest issues


Domain Name matters

Foreign trademark filings and maintenance



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